2018 Bailey Unicorn Pamplona IV




Year 2018
Berth 2 (+2)
Tare Weight 1851
Tow Ball Weight 125
ATM Weight 2275

The NEW Australian-built Unicorn IV Pamplona offers the elegance and sophistication of European design, yet is tough enough to cope with demanding Australian conditions.

This model as displayed: $69,990 (SAVE $13,901)
NOW: $58,089
Base model build: $69,990

Thanks to it’s locally designed and built chassis, this ground-breaking new model can be taken off the bitumen and is classed as ‘semi-offroad’ (unlike it’s UK-built cousins).

The Unicorn IV Pamplona delivers an extensive range of features and fittings to ensure your travels are nothing short of luxurious. You’ll find a rear island queen-sized bed, a fully equipped kitchen including a full oven, grill and 3 + 1 cooktop, as well as reverse cycle air-conditioning, a central ensuite featuring a separate shower and toilet, an endless hot water system and a 2.5kg washing machine cleverly hidden in the bedroom. A solid door allows the bedroom to be sectioned off to include the bathroom, or to separate the the bathroom and kitchen areas.

This, in conjunction with the front lounge-bed conversion, makes this caravan capable of comfortably accommodating up to four people. This van also features class-leading twin 120L water tanks (240L total), a 150w solar panel and 100amp onboard battery to ensure you are self sufficient no matter how long your journey takes. Weighing just 1900kg laden and offering an impressive 500kg of carrying capacity, this caravan is comfortable being towed by a wide range of medium SUV’s and 4WD’s.

Why buy a Unicorn IV Pamplona?

There’s no mistaking a Unicorn IV Pamplona, with its angular, one-piece three-window facade. Inside the signature ‘Skyview’ windows bathes the caravan in light, making it a real stand out amongst the crowd.

The patented ‘Alu-Tech’ monocoque design technology takes a completely new approach to caravan construction. Using a unique interlocking external framework to which impact resistant fibreglass bodyshell panels are bonded and bolted using internal fittings, means a Unicorn IV is strong and rigid, providing greater protection against the elements.

Timber-free upper bodyshell panels featuring a composite plastic internal skeleton and laminated fibreglass wall linings, in conjunction with a significant reduction in the number of external joints and fixing points, enhance Unicorn IV’s resistance to water ingress. So confident in this claim we offer a 6 year water ingress warranty.

Unicorn IV’s can be up to 700kg lighter than conventionally built caravans, this is achieved by the absence of timber in the single span body panels, ultra-light furniture and a lighter chassis featuring a significant reduction in cross members. Lightweight vans can be towed by more vehicles, are more fuel efficient and are easier to tow.

The use of laminated fibreglass body shell panels incorporating high-density polystyrene insulation enhances the thermal performance of the body shell, making Unicorn IV a genuine four season caravan. Tour all year round!

This model as displayed: $69,990 (SAVE $13,901)
NOW: $58,089
Base model build: $69,990


  • 22″ Television
Berth 2 (+2)
Tare Weight 1851
Tow Ball Weight 125
ATM Weight 2275

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